Membership and Fees

Ko En Kai is entirely not-for-profit; we charge membership fees purely so that we can cover the running costs of the club. Any surplus money will be used to support the membership, by subsiding costs of events and purchasing club-owned equipment that people can use while they save up for their own.

Membership Fees

Membership of Ko En Kai is paid either monthly or per-session, whichever you prefer. The membership fees cover our room hire and dojo running costs. There are a few different membership rates available, depending on your age and how often you attend:

Pay per session:Training once per weekTraining twice per week
Regular session (under 18)£4£12.50/month£25/month
Regular Session (18+)£5£15/month£30/month

Other Costs

Members of the club will be expected to get British Kendo Association membership. This pays for your insurance while you train, and also contributes to the running of the BKA. You can get a trial membership for £10, which lasts for 3 months. For full information, please visit the BKA website.

A little while after that, you’ll need to start buying equipment! Your shinai will usually last for around a year if it’s cared for – a new one will set you back between £20-£40, depending on the quality. Hakama and Gi (training clothes) will tend to set you back around £60-70. Once you’re ready for Bogu (armour), a decent set will cost in the region of £400. Don’t worry though, it’s built to last – it is armour after all! You won’t need to buy all this right away either, it does take a few months before we consider a student ready for full armour. We will advise you when you’re ready to buy equipment and help you get the right set for you.

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