Children’s Class

We run a regular children’s class from 13.00 to 14.00 on Sunday afternoons, right before the main training, in Askam Town Band Hall. It is open to anyone aged 7-13 who is interested in kendo. The class is run by Dave and Caroline, both DBS certified and First Aid qualified.

The aims of the class are:

  • To foster an environment of “play through kendo”
  • To develop good kendo fundamentals
  • To learn the value of working hard to improve at something


What does the class cost?

The first session costs absolutely nothing! Just fill out the consent form and we’ll see you there!

After that, the children’s class will cost £3 per session, or £10 per month if you prefer to pay monthly.


What equipment do I need?

You won’t need to buy any equipment to start with – new members will only need a shinai and we have plenty second hand. Once we’re back to regular indoor training members will need to get their own gear over time. We can recommend suppliers and help you get the right equipment for your child.

  • Shinai  – costs approximately £20-£25. We do have shinai to loan but it’s nice to have your own.  If treated well, this will last around a year before needing replacing.
  • Keikogi – around £60-£80. These are the training clothes we wear. You’ll start to need this after about 6 months.
  • Tare and zekken – around £80-90. Technically this is the first bit of armour, but they won’t be getting hit. The zekken has your name and the club logo, and is sort of a club uniform. You’ll want this after around 12 months.
  • Full Bogu. This is the armour we wear for sparring. You won’t need this while at the children’s class. By the time your child is ready to wear bogu they will be ready to attend our main training sessions.

Aidan vs Dave

When will they be ready to join the main training sessions?

Graduating from the children’s class isn’t based on age or kendo experience. Instead it’s decided by the practitioner’s maturity and concentration. The main sessions are planned for a group of adults, they’re more technical and less playful. Over time we’ll get know each child, and they’ll be invited to join the main training at a time that’s best for their development.

How do I sign up?

If your child would like to take up kendo, all you have to do is get in contact and let us know to expect them. If you would like to come along and watch a session first before trying it out then feel free, again just let us know to expect you.

You can fill out our contact form, email us, or message us on Facebook.

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